Come on in, join us behind the scenes of our 2021.1 collection!

All of our lives can sometimes be challenging and so it is always important to try to give ourselves an occasional sense of calm and serenity and, as importantly, to find enjoyment and fun where possible.

The way we dress gives us a chance to dream and an opportunity to stay true to ourselves. With this goal in mind, we are happy to present our new collection that is uncomplicated, light and - of course! - utterly beautiful.

It is probably true to say, it was the hottest day of that summer. There we were, the entire creative team and me, gathered at the old flight station in Værløse. The historic setting and the beautiful nature got us all wowed and we were bursting to let our creative ideas come to life. They did come to life and I am thrilled to finally share the result of the 2021.1 photoshoot with you.
Please enjoy!

x Birgitte Raben

After all, dreams can be anything we want them to be - an escape from everyday life or aiming for something even better.

Photographer: Morten Bjarnhof
Backstage photographer: Luka Roné
Stylist: Melanie Buchhave
Hair & Make-Up: Jan Stuhr
Model: Aoife Lou


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Check out the show page where you can view the 2021.1 fashion show.


Love, ease and abundance are the heart in our collections, celebrating individuality and the space to dream. Collections innately cater to the AM to PM wardrobe, where effortlessness and creativity bring a sense of informality to the powerfully feminine.
We hope you’ll enjoy it all!