Welcome behind the scenes of our 2020.3 shoot at Villa Rabens in Bali

True to tradition, I gathered my creative team at my Bali home, where we let creativity loose for a week. I am happy finally to share the result with you and I hope you will enjoy the new collection.

x Birgitte Raben

For the new collection, Rabens Saloner explores the charm of the season, finding joy in the dark days and celebrating the allure of a rain soaked city.

Beauty can be found in the most unexpected places. Conventional wisdom has it that a rainy day is a sad day but wet streets, puddles and downpours can give a city a very special quality.

Photographer: Morten Bjarnhof
Stylist: Melanie Buchhave
Set designer: Peter Grant
Hair & Make-Up: Jan Stuhr
Model: Sija Titko



Love, ease and abundance are the heart in our collections, celebrating individuality and the space to dream. Collections innately cater to the AM to PM wardrobe, where effortlessness and creativity bring a sense of informality to the powerfully feminine.
We hope you’ll enjoy it all!